Who Says You’re Not Beautiful


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These past couple of weeks have been a big mix of ups and downs. I’ve struggled with the some feelings of self doubt and not being good enough. However, I began noticing that I wasn’t the only one. Through hanging out with some good friends of mine, I realized that they were fighting the same feelings. Long story short, we all have feelings of insecurity, self doubt, and not feeling beautiful enough, or just enough in general. More than being a beauty consultant, I am an advocate for feeling confident and beautiful regardless of beauty standards or anyone else’s view of you.

Well in fighting these doubts and feelings of insecurity, I decided to take control of my situation and begin focusing on things that helped me to feel better about myself. One of those things was working out. While at the gym I put on a feel good playlist and the first song that popped up was Who Says by Selena Gomez. I realize this seems like just another cheesy pop song, but it has a pretty incredible message that caught my attention and was exactly what I needed to hear to pull myself out of my funk. The first part that spoke to me was:

I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me.

She then goes on to say:

You’ve got every right to a beautiful life. 

Which is probably my favorite line from the entire song. However, the next couple of verses really drove the overall message home.

Who says
Who says you’re not perfect
Who says you’re not worth it
Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting
Trust me
That’s the price of beauty
Who says you’re not pretty
Who says you’re not beautiful
Who says
Who says
Who says you’re not star potential
Who says you’re not presidential
Who says you can’t be in movies
Listen to me, listen to me
Who says you don’t pass the test
Who says you can’t be the best
Who said, who said
Would you tell me who said that
Yeah, oh
Who says


Well after listening to Selena’s message , I suddenly had a burst of feel good energy and recognized all of my many great qualities and realized that only I could control how beautiful I felt. I realized the most important thing was taking care of myself and surrounding myself with people and focusing on things that help me to be my best self and encourage me to feel beautiful the way that I am.

The very next day, which would be Tuesday of last week, I had the opportunity to meet Carol Tuttle at her book signing. She is probably my all time favorite author, energy healer and inspirational public figure. She is a huge advocate for being true to yourself, being your own kind of beautiful, and attracting goodness into your life. If you aren’t familiar with her, I encourage you to read all of her books, but definitely my favorites, It’s Just My Nature and Mastering Affluence.

I strongly believe that just like Selena says, “you have a right to a beautiful life.” So take care of yourself, make sure your needs are met, surround yourself with positive influences, and pursue all of your dreams and desires. Just like Heath Ledger says in 10 Things I Hate About You, “Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want.”



Stand By Me

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I’m sure you all have been anticipating an update. Well, I have finally made the big move to Utah and celebrated the big 3 0. Woot! Woot!

These past couple weeks have actually been a bit hectic trying to get settled in and find my groove with everything. Lately I’ve just been finding myself in situations where I don’t feel like I’m getting what I want or need. I guess I’ve just felt a bit stuck and confused with where I’m meant to be and what I’m meant to be doing. I won’t lie, I’ve really been wishing that Dad could be here to help me sort it all out and give me some good advice.

Dad helped me with my last big move to Oregon and now it seems like everything is coming full circle with moving back to Utah. I know some time has passed since his passing and since my last move, but it all seems a bit surreal. However, even though he can’t be with me physically, I know that he’s been with me and trying to help me. I’ve also noticed that dad has been coming up a lot with new people that I’ve been meeting.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but How I Met Your Mother is probably my all time favorite show and I’ve bonded with a couple of my best friends over it. I bet you’re wondering what this has to do with anything, well I was watching it with one of my best friends a few days ago. We watched the episode where the character Barney watches his half brother meet his dad. It’s a bit of a tear jerking scene but also full of hope. Well they performed Stand By Me by Ben E. King and I just knew that Dad had been right there with me the whole time and was trying to let me know that he would always stand by me when I felt lost and really needed him.

This part of the song actually stood out to me the most:

If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
And the mountain should crumble to the sea
I won’t cry, I won’t cry
No I won’t shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

I couldn’t help but feel that I had no need to worry what would work out and what wouldn’t because I just knew that dad was right there with me comforting me and guiding me through all of my doubts and confusion.

I’m really glad that I made the move, but I won’t lie everything didn’t line up as smoothly as I would have liked it too. I’ve just had a hard time trying to move my life in the right direction and figuring out what that means and what I should be doing. I’ve decided that I want to take some classes to get my makeup artistry license. So I guess that is one step in the right direction. I’ve also been meeting a lot of pretty cool people and things are slowly starting to fall into place.

Sometimes it’s frustrating when things don’t line up the way you thought or hoped that they would, but if you’re patient enough they always work out for the better. It definitely comforted me and helped me to be a little more patient after hearing that song and being able to feel Dad standing by me and comforting me, and pushing me in the right direction. I know that Dad will always stand by me when life is hard and confusing.

I Dare You to Move

Photo by Dakota Krupp on Unsplash
These past couple of weeks have been exciting but also a bit stressful with my big decision to move back to Utah. I’ve never known moving to be easy, but in my experience it’s always worth it.
It seems a bit unreal and abrupt, but necessary non the less. My sister literally moved out here to live with me just last month and suddenly life has a taken a dramatic turn. If you asked me just a month ago if I would ever move back to Utah I would have said “Hell no!” However, it’s interesting how fast things can change and how different experiences can completely change your perspective. It just goes to show that you never know what the future holds.
Today after dropping my sister off at work, Dare You To Move by Switchfoot began to play and a chill ran right through me. I literally had goosebumps. It felt very surreal, especially with all of the changes that have been happening and my reluctance to want to take the necessary steps to move my life in the right direction. This part initially spoke to me:
Welcome to the Planet
Welcome to existence
Everyone’s here
Everyone’s here
Everybody’s watching you now
Everybody waits for you now
What happens next?
What happens next?
I dare you to move
For the past year, I’ve been caught in a cycle trying to figure out the best opportunities for me and not finding the right ones that will lead me in the direction that I want to go. I have goals and a vision for myself and a desire to make a big difference in the world, and as much as I love Oregon and everyone here, I haven’t felt like I’m able to get to where I ultimately want to be. I’ve felt stuck and held back but also resistant to change and a little closed off to anything outside of Oregon. I won’t deny my emotional attachment to Oregon, but at the moment it’s not in line with my goals for myself. With everything I’d been fighting, this part of Switchfoot’s song hit pretty hard:
Welcome to the fallout
Welcome to resistance
The tension is here
The tension is here
Between who you are and who you could be
Between how it is and how it should be
I dare you to move
Lately I’ve been faced with even more obstacles that have had me second guessing if I will ever progress if I stay here. Well, as soon as I got to Utah everything began to make sense. I was surrounded by family and old friends and all of the issues that I’ve had with my car in Oregon seemed to get taken care of so easily when I was in Utah. Still though, I resisted the idea of actually moving back. It wasn’t until my sister addressed her concerns with our situation in Oregon that I gave up the fight. I knew it would be the best option for both of us and I just felt at home while being there.
Maybe redemption has stories to tell
Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell
Where can you run to escape from yourself?
Where you gonna go?
Where you gonna go?
Salvation is here
I won’t pretend like the moving process hasn’t been stressful, because it has, but I also feel good about the decision I have made. As soon as I made the decision and moved forward with it, everything started falling into place. Sometimes we just need to trust that changes out of our control are actually helping us. I mean even Albert Einstein said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results was the definition of insanity.
Maybe sometimes we just need to let go of our ego, pride, and will and just let life take us in the direction that we are meant to go, even if it isn’t what we thought that we wanted. I promise that you will end up in the right place be exactly where you need to be. It can be risky and scary and nerve wrecking making dramatic changes or moves in your life. However, I can tell you from experience that if you are repeating the same cycle and not achieving your ultimate goal or even getting close, then it might be time for a change. I dare you to move.

When You Dream, Dream Big!

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I’ve been going through a lot of changes lately, but all good changes that have been pushing me in the right direction and forcing me to achieve my long time goals.

It’s always been my dream to uplift and inspire people in some way. I love writing but mostly I LOVE connecting with people and inspiring them to live their best life. That might be why I’m so passionate about positive thinking. Nothing makes me happier than being able to help others achieve happiness.

Well if I’m going to be an advocate for living a life of joy and happiness, then I need to be open to changes that will lead me to those opportunities. I won’t lie, sometimes, or rather a great deal of the time, that is extremely difficult. It’s so easy to settle for what feels safe and for what is simply “getting you by.” I’m not sure about anyone else but I want to live an amazing life full of comfort, joy, and freedom. I want a stress-free life full of goodness, love, and laughter. I want to be able to help anyone that is in need of help and be a bright light in a world full of darkness.

I’ve been thinking about all these things that I want out of life and where I ultimately want to be. Well of course the right song played to encourage my life pursuits. I’ve heard the song Dream Big by Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand several times on my Weekly Spotify playlist. However, it showed up again the other day and my sister got really excited about it. AND that’s when I really tuned in to it. There wasn’t one specific part the resonated with me this time. The song in it’s entirety really hit home for me.

When you cry, be sure to dry your eyes,
Cause better days are sure to come.
And when you smile, be sure to smile wide,
And don’t let them know that they have won.
And when you walk, walk with pride,
And don’t show the hurt inside,
Because the pain will soon be gone.
And when you dream, dream big,
As big as the ocean, blue.
Cause when you dream it might come true.
For when you dream, dream big.
And when you laugh, be sure to laugh out loud,
Cause it will carry all your cares away.
And when you see, see the beauty all around and in yourself,
And it will help you feel okay.
And when you pray, pray for strength to help to carry on,
But when the troubles come your way.
And when you dream, dream big,
As big as the ocean, blue.
Cause when you dream it might come true.
For when you dream, dream big.
When you cry be sure to dry your eyes,
Cause better days are sure to come.
And when you smile be sure to smile wide, and
Don’t let them know that they have one.
And when you laugh be sure to laugh out loud,
Cause it will carry all your cares away.
And when you see, see the beauty all
Around and in yourself, and it will help you feel okay.
And when you pray, pray for strength to
Help to carry on when the troubles come your way.
And when you dream, dream big,
As big as the ocean, blue.
Cause when you dream it might come true.
For when you dream, dream big.
And when you dream, dream big,
As big as the ocean, blue.
Cause when you dream it might come true.
For when you dream, dream big.

It honestly felt like Dad encouraging me and pushing me to dream big and to make those dreams happen. Dad was always a pusher haha, always making sure we were getting things done. I didn’t always appreciate his pushiness, but I appreciate the person that it’s helped me to become.

Life isn’t always easy, but if you have a goal and a purpose to work toward, then all of the difficulties along the way become worth it. As weird as it sounds, I am grateful for all of the heartache and difficulties that I’ve had to experience in my life. It’s helped me to truly appreciate the good things in life and work harder to maintain joy in my life.

It’s truly amazing how when you are consistently thinking about good things that you want and putting your thoughts out there, the universe makes way for those things to happen. I’m a firm believer that when you surround yourself with positive things and people and are actively seeking the better things in life, it becomes easier to maintain a positive mindset and the ability to attract all of the great things that you want for your life.

Don’t settle for less than the greatest joy possible in your life. Do what it takes to achieve true joy and happiness. Trust your feelings and follow the signs.  But most of all, when you dream, dream big. 🙂







Show Me What I’m Looking For



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Hello loyal followers! I’m so sorry that I’ve been MIA, but I’m back and ready to rumble! This last month has been a little crazy, confusing, and full of challenges and new directions.

My little sister moved in with me at the beginning of this month and our little brother just got married this last week and now we have a new sister in law! So much excitement, so many opportunities, but also so many challenges occurring.

Since this summer started I have felt my life taking a new direction, but the direction hasn’t been quite clear. I’ve struggled to know what I’m doing, what I should be doing, and how to get to where I ultimately want to be in my life. Pretty much what I  want in every aspect; Love, family, relationships, friendships, and especially financially and career wise.

Lately I’ve just felt stuck and confused about the direction that I should be moving in. Well this past week has been a whirl wind of excitement with traveling to Utah for our baby brother’s wedding. Most of you know that I’m a big believer and big advocate of focusing on the positive and paying attention to signs. Well on our drive to Utah, my sister and I drove behind a semi-truck that had one of those big yellow “LONG LOAD” banner signs. Except that the sign was a little cockeyed and had sloped down  a little, so the only letters that were somewhat legible were the last 3 letters of “LOAD,” which actually looked like “DAD” with  the way that it had folded over. I couldn’t help but feel like Dad was traveling with us.

Well throughout the trip I was thinking a lot about how good it felt to be surrounded by family and to catch up with old friends that I had fallen out of touch with. Throughout our trip I was constantly seeing a series of 3 where I ever I went. It had to have been at least 3 different times. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with angel messages in the form of numbers, but supposedly seeing a series of 3 consistently is supposed to mean that your prayers are being answered and that it’s time to make a decision regarding what you’ve been thinking about. Well let me tell you, I’ve been thinking about A LOT.

So if the previous signs weren’t profound enough, I was on my way to see one of my best friends that I hadn’t seen in ages and Show Me What I’m Looking For by Carolina Liar started playing. I can’t begin to tell you the kind of chord that it struck. Literally every word hit home for me! However, the second verse spoke to me the most.

Save me, I’m lost
Oh lord, I’ve been waiting for you
I’ll pay any cost
Save me from being confused
Show me what I’m looking for
Show me what I’m looking for, oh lord

Lately I’ve just felt so stuck and confused about where my life is going and the direction that I should be moving. After I listened to this song I just continued to feel like I was getting answer after answer and realized that I’d been fighting the direction that I was being pulled in. Maybe it’s been fear, maybe it’s been pride, possibly both, but definitely for sure I have been stubborn and not wanting to let go of my own idea of where I should be and what I should be doing.

I continued to listen to this song and another verse helped me realize how stubborn I had been and I how much I was getting in my own way.

Don’t let go
I’ve wanted this far too long
Mistakes become regrets
I’ve learned to love abuse
Please show me what I’m looking for

I’d been praying for so long to be guided in the right direction and to let me know what was right for me, where I should be, and what I should be doing. However when the answers were staring me in the face and when I was being pushed and pulled in a direction I was resisting and putting up a fight simply because it wasn’t what I thought I wanted, even if  t was going to help me thrive. I realized that I wasn’t being open to the answers that I had prayed for and that’s why I was continuing to run into road block after road block.

I came to the conclusion that I just needed to let go of my own idea of how things should be and how I want them to manifest and be flexible enough to go where life is trying to take me, especially after I’ve asked for that guidance.

Life doesn’t always go the way that you think that it should but if you are open minded and willing to receive answers and to be ready to take action without resisting when those answers do come it will be so much better than you could have anticipated. I can promise you that if you allow for it, life can take you in some pretty incredible directions that you never in a millions years would’ve chosen to go on your own. So let God or the Universe, or whatever it is that believe in, let that “show you what you’re looking for.”


An Old Fashioned Man

liane-metzler-30296-unsplashPhoto by Liane Metzler on Unsplash


Four years ago today I made the bold move to Oregon, where I had no family or friends. I Had my Dad and brother 3-4 hours away in Washington, but no one within close proximity. As scary as it was at first, I’ve always felt like it was the best move that I ever made. I instantly felt at home here, and little did I know that it would be an opportunity to really bond with my dad before he would pass away.

When I moved out here to Portland, Dad drove all the way from Seattle to help me settle in. One of my all time favorite memories with him was when the song Rude by Magic played on the radio. Dad payed close attention to the message. This is the part that got his attention:

Saturday morning jumped out of bed and put on my best suit
Got in my car and raced like a jet, all the way to you
Knocked on your door with heart in my hand
To ask you a question
‘Cause I know that you’re an old-fashioned man, yeah, yeah
Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life?
Say yes, say yes ’cause I need to know
You say I’ll never get your blessing ’til the day I die
Tough luck, my friend, but the answer is no!

He made a point to tell me that I didn’t need to bother with having my future husband ask for my hand in marriage because I would just do what I wanted anyway.  I laughed and I said he had a point but I would still like him to ask out of respect.

I haven’t found the right person yet, so I’m not actually getting married haha but this song popped up on a Spotify playlist on my drive to Seattle for my niece’s first birthday this past weekend. Naturally it made me think of that moment with Dad. I also thought that the timing was a bit interesting since about this time 4 years ago I was having that conversation with Dad. To me it felt like it was a message from Dad that he was still guiding me through life and that he trusted me to make the right decisions for myself.

A lot has changed in the last 4 years and especially in the last week.  My best friend (who I met right after moving here) and her husband are making their big move to Texas, my brother just celebrated his first child’s first birthday, and I’ve been getting things ready for my sister to move in with me, and my youngest brother’s wedding is getting even closer.

So many exciting changes are taking place all around me and I can’t help but think about how much of it surrounds my decision to make that move to Oregon 4 years ago. I also think that it’s so interesting how music can have such strong ties to important moments in your life. I know that whoever I marry won’t get to meet my dad, or ask him for my hand in marriage, but it’s comforting to know that Dad trusts my judgement and knows that I will be happy with whoever I choose.


Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy

artem-bali-413154-unsplashPhoto by Artem Bali on Unsplash


I’ve heard it said that life is what you make it and I could not agree more! Just yesterday I was enjoying a beautiful sunny Sunday with a good friend of mine, just talking about life and all of the hardships that we’ve been through and our going through in our lives. Everything from failed relationships to loss of loved ones to family problems. Pretty much any challenge that a person could possibly be dealt.

We talked about how in our personal experiences that in time so many blessings came from our losses. We both agreed that the attitude that you choose to have makes a world of difference. It won’t erase your pain but it will make it more bearable and with time it will heal it. Making a conscience choice to be happy, recognizing blessings, and proactively taking care of your physical and mental health.

Well this morning I struggled to motivate myself out of bed to workout but then I saw a text from another friend wanting to hit the gym with me. As I was getting ready I was exploring my weekly Spotify playlist and the song Happy by Natasha Bedingfield played and it was literally a reminder of everything I had talked about with my friend just yesterday! I was SO thankful that I was given this tender mercy because I definitely was NOT feeling highly motivated to work toward my health goals.

I definitely took it as a sign that I had so much to be grateful for and that happiness was solely up to me. The chorus of the song really struck a chord.

Got my dreams, got my life, got my love
Got my friends got the sunshine above
Why am I making this hard on myself
When there’s so many beautiful reasons I have to be happy
People lie, people hide, people cry, people fight

There are so many things that trigger our anxiety, causing us to fear and doubt literally EVERYTHING and even second guess our own individual worth. Whether it’s the loss of a loved on, a broken heart, losing a job, making a big move. It’s always hard when your faced with a sudden or drastic change in your life. The unknown is scary and it’s normal to have that fear and to feel that anxiety, but don’t allow it to consume you and hold you back from living a happy life.

Natasha says it perfectly:

Any day I”ll go bad thinking bad
Everyone is against me and the world wants to fight me
Preparing to battle an enemy unseen
During my stressing I’m blinded to the lesson
That could be a blessing if I’d be confessing that the enemy
I”m trying to beat is hiding inside of me

If we can learn to recognize the blessings that we’ve been given despite the tough and heartbreaking experiences, then maybe as Natasha has said, we wouldn’t be blinded to the lessons we are supposed to learn and the reason everything is happening the way that it is.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been through some pretty tough times and it’s not always easy to just be happy. Even now I have days where I don’t feel happy, but I am ALWAYS reminded of the good people and opportunities in my life. I’m so grateful that I have so many supportive friends that encourage me and each other to be happy with their life and with who they are. I’m grateful that I have friends and family that love me for me and that motivate me and encourage me to take care of both my physical and mental health.

Happiness is a choice regardless of your circumstance. You can’t always be happy but you can make healthy choices that will lead you toward happiness. Focus on the good things in your life no matter how small they may seem and watch your blessings unfold. Like Natasha says, there’s so many beautiful reasons you have to be happy.